My dear,

It pleases me to hear that you are well. I didn’t think the creatures could hurt you, I know of no-one who can, but it is a husband’s prerogative to worry.

We have escaped the previous city and even Peter has survived. The jackal creatures gave him his freedom after he was captured. Their actions confuse me. I thought them to be bloodthirsty invaders but their actions have proven to be more honorable than anticipated.

I have reached the next city already and as I write this the Jackal army is camped not far outside the walls. The defenses here are even less than at the previous city so I do not expect to hold this place for long. Again we are organizing an evacuation for the citizens. Running south seems to be our only option. I regret to say that so far this is no real war. They advance and we retreat or die. Our forces are spread too thin and I believe our only option is to abandon the north for now, gather our forces further south and then strike back. These jackals are strong. We have found out that they can regenerate, and they clearly know magic. Our armies held off the demons and undead for decades however, so we should be able to stop the jackal’s advance once we have gathered our strength. So far however, we have been unable to convince the local Lord to retreat and I fear that no Lord will listen. I have given some thought to revealing my true identity. Maybe some of the Lords’ fathers or grandfathers will still remember me, maybe then they will heed my warning and gather further south. There is a downside and a danger to this however.

A few nights ago we were attacked by the assassins I set out to find. Wolfgang’s investigation attracted their attention and it seems they have not yet forgotten about me. A price of 100.000gp has been placed on my head 60 years ago and the warrant is still active it seems. The fight was brutal, but we all survived. I worry however that should I reveal myself they would come after me in full force, something we may not be ready to deal with yet. I will think on this further and let you know what I decide.

I have also met with more magic than I anticipated. Someone is using a magical disease to weaken our people. I do not yet know who. It is not the jackals as they have helped us cure it. We have found an ancient amulet, an artifact from the faith of the One. A local healer has used it to cure some of us who had been affected by the disease.

As you can see a lot has happened. I have a lot to think about. Maybe in a few months, when this war with the jackals has become more clear, I will come to visit you again. It has become clear that I am needed here, even more so if you say that the worst is yet to come. Yet while I am here our own dreams are put on hold. I do not fear dying, but dying without an heir, ending my line, that I do fear. I know that you told me not to lose hope and to be patient, but as long as we are apart I cannot hope for a son.

I have lived far longer than most other human men and I have survived one great war already. The chance that I will survive another is slim at best. I can feel we are at the edge now, this is all just the beginning. The sun is setting on this age and I will try to visit home one more time before the night truly falls, because when this war erupts I fear I will not have the time to travel north again.

So I will see you soon. Be well.




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