My dear,

I can assure you that we have arrived well back in to our own time and that we have received your gifts without fault.

Also, do not worry about closing the gate again. As I told you before, if closing the gate with the artifact is the only way to do so without losing you, I fully support and understand it.

What does anger me is the fact that you decided to send us back to our own time. In doing so you have robbed us and humanity of 60 years in which we could have prepared more fully. It shows very little respect to the time and effort that I put in to making one of the most difficult deciscions in my life. Maybe if you would have explained your plan when we were still with you, I would have understood. But you chose not to. I realize you see the big picture, but I am not one to follow orders blindly.This kind of behavior is exactly why I do not want you to interfere. Me and my companions were doing what we felt was right when we returned to you. For once we had the inside information, the big picture, about the future. We had first hand experience, not you. And though I have trusted your judgement again and again it would seem you cannot trust mine. Without a word of explanation you sent us back to our own time, not only undoing my deciscion, but also leaving it up to us to find out what exactly changed and what your intentions were.

I am sure that in time we will find out what your gifts do exactly. I am thankfull for them although again I question the wisdom of not simply telling us what they do. I know nothing of magic and my companions have never even seen real magic. Our only hope in this regard is the shaman that follows us but her power and knowledge is limited to say the least. But we will figure it out eventually. It is not as if time is of the essence.

If I sound bitter and angry it is because I thought you had understood that imposing your will without question or consult is wrong. Might does not make right. And as I said, this is not about closing the gate with the artifact or not. Everywhere my companions and I hear that we have a destiny, a task to perform. The biggest lie yet. Again you have taken away the illusion that what we do matters. I do not think you understand that it is we who fight and die out here. We face the claws and steel. We see the faces of the innocents who die and suffer because we cannot save them. And when we make a deciscion for their benefit we see it undone because it does not suit you. While you plot, we are left in the dark, used, pushed around like rag dolls. I had hoped you understood… You talked to me and explained why the artifact needed to be used. Why hide the fact that you were going to send us back here. Because I would have opposed you? Damn right I would have. 60 years of preparation, our preparation not yours, … wasted. It has become clear to me and my group that out actions matter nothing. Morale is at an all time low and I cannot even comfort my men because I don’t know why you did this. Even I, your husband, did not receive an explanation.

I love you. So much it hurts to be away from you each and every day. Your words and actions in your tower a few days (and 60 years) ago only made my love grow for I thought I had finally gotten through to you. Now I fear I am forced to question your actions and you love for me. Actions speak more than a thousand words. You say you care for me, but your actions prove otherwise. And if you do love me, at the very least you do not respect me.

I am sure that my anger will fade over time, as it has before. Remember what I said when we last spoke, you will never lose me, I will always chose your side no matter how difficult it is for me. Even if your love for me is just an act, just words, you will always truly have mine, in words and in actions.

Seeing as how we are back where we left off we decided to keep going west towards the former elven lands. I hope to find some information about our enemies there. We are still being attacked by undead hunter-spirits. We tried to find those who sent them after us. We found several elves and attacked them. We did not get all of them however as they used a magical gate to escape. They will come back and we will try again.

At this time we are staying in an old castle. Our host, an old duke, is quite mad although harmless. His mind seems to be stuck sometime during the portal war. The castle seems to be haunted as well, and leaving might prove to be a problem, but those are problems for tomorrow morning. Right now I am enjoying a glass of good wine and the company of a noble from my own time.

I have to stop writing now for the wine is making me drowsey. I am sure my next letter will be less harsh. Just know that although I am very disappointed, my disappointment runs much deeper than my anger, I love you and wish you were here with me. Spending one night with you every few months is far too little. Spending a few moments with you at dinner to talk not enough to tell you all I wish I could.



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