Session 1

One way or another, each for their own reasons, the group had made it’s way to a town called Haven, a meeting place and recruitement ground for mercennary gangs. Ruargh hoped to find a group here to start on his quest to destroy the assassin’s guild, Viktor was told he would find the group he needed to assist there and the others had wandered to that place to find groups of their own to start their new carreers as adventurers or arms for hire.

During the first night there, the town came under attack, and eventually all of the group had joined the fight, except for Viktor, who had found a hiding place. The attackers turned out to be big, strong and bipedal Jackal-like warriors, who attacked with ferocity. When morning finally came, only 7 men were left standing…more then 300 mercenaries and merchants had been killed, and they couldn’t find a single body of the 20 or so creatures that had attacked.
They group decided to burn the dead and then go north, trailing the creatures.

They arrived at a large walled city and quickly noticed it was far more busy then it should be. They asked around and got the news that the surrounding lands had been under attack since a few week and that the city was filling up with refugees.

Deciding to travel further north to see what the hell was going, the noticed some strange things starting to happen. Almost everyone in the group was having bad dreams and nightmares, except for Ruargh. After a day and a half they arrived at one of the ancient watchtowers of the northern line and decided to stay there for the rest of the day. They noticed campfires some 2 days to the north and figuring this might well be an army gathering they decided to go back to the city the next day. That night 2 things happened. Peter had a dream about being in an old abandonned city, following a female voice until her reached a square with a statue of an elf in the center, then he woke. And Jon, standing guard, noticed that the army started moving int he middle of the night, covering ground fast.

So they left for the south again and sent Varric up ahead to warn the city of the approaching army. The rest of the group reached the city right before the army did and saw that the advanced warning had reached it and had been well received. Ruargh then headed to the army together with Viktor to see what they wanted. The response to their white flag was attack however and both were cut down quickly, only to awaken a short time later inside the camp, Viktor bound and on the ground, while Ruargh was sitting in a chair, unbound. After a short wait they were taken to the commander of the jackalwarrior army and learned that they were there for conquest. they reached terms however that the attack would wait for 2 days so the civilians could leave the city.

So the next two days everyone who wanted to leave left the city, travelling wouth to safety. The group stayed in the city to help defend it, thinking and hoping the could stave off the attack till reinforcements from the south arrived. Their hope was shortlived however as the attackers managed to breach the walls within two days and overtake the city, driving what was left of the defenders into the keep.
Ruargh and the lord of the city decided that it was best for most of the survivors to flee the keep while 200 remained behind to stall the attackers, even knowing that none of those 200 would survive. The lord asked for 200 volunteers and and said he would lead them himself. Peter also decided to stay behind, muttering something about heroic death.

Session 1

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