Session 3

After getting the relic from the old Temple of the One God, the party travelled further south in an attempt to stay ahead of the invading army. They knew there was nothing they could do to save the city, and Ruargh hoped he could find a city further south where they could actually mount an effective defense. So far they didn’t have much luck however.

They arrived in a village not far from the city and discovered the disease hadn’t spread to here Due to the magical nature of the disease they figured that whomever had caused it, had probably only targetted cities and not bothered with the villages. They warned the villagers of the disease and of the invasion, imploring them to leave for the south. The villagers were reluctant to go however so the group departed before they had reached a decision.

The next city they found had been largely deserted, the disease having wrecked terrible havoc here. The keep had been bared and the group wasn’t allowed inside. When they delivered the same warnings to the guard who talked to them, they were told that the keep had already received such warnings and was in the process of packing. Wether or not this was true was another case, but as they had done their moral duty, the group yet again moved on.

This time they arrived at a walled city. At first it seemed completaly deserted and as the group moved cautiously through the streets they heard noise coming from the center of town. When they arrived there they noticed a large group of people surrounding the local temple. When they approached some of the group, they noticed that these people were actually undead and a fight broke out. They managed to fight off the first wave of undead coming at them, though not without suffering severe damage in the process, so they retreated before the next group attacked. They then sneaked around to the back off the temple and gained unopposed entrance through there. Inside they found a group of townspeople and some guards who had fled here and barricaded the doors. Ruargh told them to escape through the back while he and his group would create a diversion.
This turned out a bit different then expected when they noticed 4 figures standing at the back of the undead horde. Three humanoid figures in robes and one in armor. They decided to attack the four, and this time the fight seemed to go well, despite that the armored figure, an elf, seemed to be able to take a lot of punishment. The three robed figures turned out to be magic users and they complicated the fight, but when they saw that the fight wasn’t going their way they opened a portal and left. But their decision proved to be a bit premature however, as two accurate blows of the warrior turned the tide of battle in his favor and leaving Jon and Wolfgang heavily injured and bleeding on the ground. Now it was a decision for the warrior between victory and being stranded, or retreating through the portal with his fellows and he chose the later, leaving the group with a bitter tasting victory.

With the departure of the four elves, the undead horde suddenly had no-one to control them anymore so they started to aimlessly wander around. The group retreated to the temple and gathered up the rest of the people there and departed further south, without ever answering the question what was so important in that temple.

Session 3

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