Session 5

After much delibiration, Mordred had decided to go back to the past and try and prevent the closing of the portal, or at least to try and find another solution to their present problems. It didn’t all turn out the way he had imagined it though. For starters he immediately realised that they hadn’t just been sent back, but they had been sent back replacing his former allies, erasing the option to convince his former self to do what is right. So he asked Lydia directly to stall her plans until he could explain what had happened. Lydia agreed and took the entire group back to her city in the north.

There she took time to listen to each and everyone’s story, learning about what was going to happen. After a few days of thinking it over she had made her decision. What she did next greatly upset Mordred, for he had not expected it. She used the artifact anyways, without explaining herself, simply stating it was the only way she could be sure to close the gate in time. The unfortunate side-effect was that the spell holding them back in time was also erased and the group found themselves back where they belonged, in their own time. There they were greeted by a man bearing several gifts from Lydia, including a magical item for each of the group, horses enough for everyone and a letter to Mordred, in which she apologised for what she had done.

It didn’t come over all too well though, and while the group decided to just move on and see what had been changed and if they could still make a difference, moral was at an all-time low. The next few days however the noticed several differences from what they had seen previously. There was almost no trace of the disease and war was far off.

they were still being hunted however so they decided to do something about it, waiting for the ones who summoned the hounds that chased them. The found them easily enough and combat broke out, this time managing to kill the leader and one of his casters.

After that they travelled on, finally coming to the ruins of a keep and when they went to investigate, they were greeted by an elderly man. They quickly noticed that things weren’t all right there, as the man seemed to be living in the past, thinking his long dead family was still alive and that his keep was still in it’s full glory. Some investigating turned up some ghosts and a hoard in an icy cold basement. Had they stumbled into the lair of a dragon?

Mordred in the meantime got a visit from Lydia, who came to explain her actions to him. A conversation that got rather heated at times, with both getting angry at the other, but int he end, Mordred had refound his purpose, realising the world did indeed need men like him, so he put on his armor, picked up his weapons, and made ready to see what this old keep was all about.

Session 5

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