The art of futility

I made my deciscion to travel back in time and we did. I stopped Lydia from using the artifact and she took us to her tower. We had actually taken the place of me and my companions 60 years ago, so the plan I had of letting my younger self lead our group was impossible.

Lydia talked to all of us. To me she explained that she had to use the crown to close the gate because if she closed it without the crown she would attract the attention of the One and she would die. Because I did not want to see her get killed I agreed. I was extatic that she explained herself, something she rarely did in the past. I hoped that she finally understood that we needed to be in the know to do our jobs. That we were more than pawns.

That all proved to be false hope as she simply sent us back to our own time without any explanation at all. I can feel something has changed but she did not tell us what. I guess we have to go and find out ourselves. She also gave us some magical items. Finding out what they do is proving difficult however. The only one of us with any knowledge of magic is our shaman and she told me that she has a 50% chance of dying if she tries. That is not worth it. It is hard enough to find someone with magic these days.

We traveled further west to the elven lands and were attacked again by the undead hunters. We defeated them and searched for those who had created the undead. We found some elves and tried to stop them. Some got away through a portal.

I am now sitting in an old and dusty chair in a ruined castle. My host is a mad nobleman whose mind is stuck 60 years ago. I love to be able to talk to people from my own time. My companions have informed me that the castle is haunted and we will not be able to leave. We will deal with this in the morning. After all that has happened I only want one night of peace and quiet. The joy of sitting by the fire, reading and writing with a glass of good wine on the table next to me. It eases my mind for a few moments. I know it sounds strange, but despite everything having Lydia present could make this evening even better. She should be sitting in a chair next to me, reading as well. Sharing my wine. If the world were just there would be two children there as well, on the rug in front of the fire. A boy playing with his wooden soldiers, teasing the dogs that are sleeping nearby, and a girl combing the hair of her doll.

The wine is kicking in I feel, so I will go to bed. Tomorrow there will be ghosts, undead, elves and maybe even a dragon to deal with.

The art of futility

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