A large warrior wielding oversized weapons


Jon is hideously scarred.
He had his skull bashed in, and was burned afterwards. His voice was ruined in the ordeal.
Now he wears his armor as much as he can to hide his features and escape the stares and questions.


Jon lived in the north, not too far from the watchtowers and the waste.
His large frame made him a suitable candidate for blacksmith’s apprentice.

One day his village was raided and the entire community was slaughtered. He was left for dead in his master’s shop when the place was set on fire. Miraculously he survived, but was hideously scarred.

A hermit pulled him through, and tried to talk him into leaving society behind, considering his looks. But Jon wanted revenge. He gathered some materials as soon as he was able to, and started work on his armor. His first piece was his helmet.

Then he went on his way, in search of the people who ruined his life. When he could he would improve upon his armor, or make himself a weapon to fit his large frame. Only when the situation called for it would he take of his helmet, conscious of people’s stares and questions.


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