Sir Mordred Fain





It has been 30 years since I have left my home. My tale has been forgotten, thankfully. My deeds lost in the mists of time.

60 years ago I was an adventurer, a paladin sent on a mission to save the world.
For years I traveled with a group of like minded travelers. We saved people, killed monsters. We became known and respected. We were heroes.
We fought armies of undead and demons. We defeated them and closed the portals that allowed them entrance in too the world.
We sacrificed magic and faith to close the last rift to the abyss. The last of the Gods, the One, was lost to us. I lost my abilities. I was no longer a paladin.

So I became a general. For 30 years I commanded men in batlle. We killed all the elves, locked away the dwarves in their mountains. Then there was no one left to fight.

I found out I did not age. Others started to notice so I left them all behind. I traveled north, to my new home. To my wife, Lydia. I stayed with her for 30 years. Living a quiet life. Then war rose on the hoizon once again.


Sir Mordred Fain

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