Legacy of the Portal War

What came before - The early years


My name is Mordred Fain. I was born almost 100 years ago in an abbey on another plane of existence. Don’t get me wrong, I am human, I was just born far away from the world I helped shape. My mother was a kind and beautiful woman albeit a little sad and lonely at times. My father, I am told, was a brave and handsome knight who’s virtue is the subject of many bard’s tale. I never actually knew my father. He was sent on a mission while I was still in the womb and never returned to his wife and child. I wonder if such is the fate of all men of war and honor. My mother and I were taken care of by the abbey where we lived. Although I lacked a father there was no shortage of father-figures for the abbey was also home to the barracks of the knightly order to whom my father had belonged. I find it hard to remember the faces of all those people, once so important to me, and even my grasp on the memories of my mother, Linea, seems to be crumbling. I guess all does fade with time. I remember little of the early years of my life, except that it was a pleasant and care-free time. My true life began the day I was accepted in to the Order as a page. For years I trained under the tutelage of many a knight who’s names and souls have long since passed in to the mists of time. They weren’t friendly and warm but neither were they cruel and cold. They were just, and that was all that mattered. I learned much from their experience and I dare say I made them proud. My skills with the lance and sword were decent, if not exceptional, but my true areas of expertise were riding and leadership (although the tests were hypothetical and did not prepare me for leading a band of brigands as I later found out). My time as squire was the shortest known in the Order and the day I received my spurs was one of the most beautiful in my long life. As I exited the great hall I could almost feel my father’s spirit looking down upon me with pride in his hart.

You may have noticed that I am skipping most of my younger years. This is done, not because of its irrelevance, but because of the pain it brings me to watch the reflection of my younger self. So ignorant, naive and innocent. A vision of an angel if compared to the demon I see in the mirror each day now.

For a few years I served the order by guarding the abbey and aiding the priests in the temple. Now and then I was sent out to assist other more experienced knights with their missions. It took several years before the Order decided I was ready to accept a mission of my own. Looking back I can’t help but question their decision. I was ordered to meet up with several other people, not all of them humans. The world I was being sent to was at war. In the north the lands of the humans were under attack by armies of undead creatures and to the south the orcish lands were being invaded by hordes of demons. And while humans and orcs alike were fighting for the survival of all that is good and kind, the elves and dwarves of this world did nothing but bicker among themselves and each other. The people I was sent to meet were chosen by a prophecy to free their world from the demonic and undead invaders. My mission was to protect them and keep them alive long enough to play their part in the prophecy. I clearly remember the oath I took that day, the day of my departure, a renewal of the oath I had taken when I first became a knight.

“I Mordred Fain, do solemnly swear and pledge my life to the one god, to defend his word and obey him until death shall take me, and to uphold the honor of knighthood and all the virtues it encompasses.”

As a tribute to the cruelty of life I repeat this oath to myself every day. And although many years have passed and much has happened I still feel my heart pounding each time I repeat the words, as if they give my life meaning. As if there still is someone out there, listening.

I met up with the group without any problems. The group consisted of a female elven shadowdancer, Liandri, a young human woman named Lanfear who was a sorceress and few other people, mostly misguided paladins, who joined and left at a whim. Later on we were joined by a human man named Jason Valterra who was a priest of the One god. We traveled together for many years and got to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We were there during each other’s good times and bad times.



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